Friday, 29 August 2008

Review - Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan - Live At Carnegie Hall (Single)

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan - Live At Carnegie Hall (Single)

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7 out of 10

What's this, a new release from Buena Vista Social Club? For those of you who foam at the mouth at the prospect of this, having fallen in love with the band after the world awoke to their enchantment a decade ago, I'm afraid that cup to collect the oozing eager dribbles won't be needed just yet.

This release is new, yes, but it is the digital release of 'Chan Chan' which was recorded live ten years ago at Carnegie Hall, in which the band, or collection of Cuba's most renowned musicians (As they are also known) performed in their original line-up.

While this particular release may produce intrigue it is unlikely to attract swarms of newcomers to the band, and anyone who already swoons to these Latin American sounds and will no doubt own the Buena Vista Social Club's globally applauded 1997 album (Produced by Ry Cooder) and already have the track.

Chan Chan, Live at Carnegie Hall may have emerged in single format due to the 10th Anniversary of this gig but if you listen intently there's atmosphere enough to leave you wanting more, which is good because this release is a teasing taster. In October a double-disc CD set of this show will be released, which will include previously unpublished photographs and a lengthy sleeve note penned by it's producer Ry Cooder. Perhaps a saucer may be sufficient to collect the froth that will be in full flow out of your mouths by now.


1. Chan Chan - Live At Carnegie Hall

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