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Review - Black Tide - Shout (Single)

Black Tide - Shout (Single)

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9 out of 10

Black Tide, a four piece from Miami and formed in 2004, currently signed to Interscope, an album under their belt and several high profile gigs. Not a bad start for a bunch of teenagers. It reads like Guitar Hero came around a little too late for these guys, I'm sure they'll get over that given time.

Interscope has a long history of signing good bands in their infancy (Pun intended). With these guys I'm tempted to wildcard them as no exception to that trend. They bring quite a bit of talent to the record, way beyond their teenage years would suggest.

A lot of today's instrument based music is indie or straight full on metal, classic overdriven rock seems to have fallen off the radar somewhat, Velvet Revolver, Buckcherry, Godsmack, and a few others still carry the flag so it's about time we had bands like Black Tide.

Their song "Shout" has chunky power chords, clean solos, split lead guitar, a snare, two cymbals and a double kick pedal; perfect grounds for good rock music, it's almost as if these guys just stepped off the set of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Timing changes and solos reminiscent of Megadeth or Thin Lizzy, with Sebastian Bach type vocals there is quite a bit going on. It's good to be reminded that you don't need to go back to the 70's for good rock music, late 80's had loads of it and Black Tide have captured every element of it in 2008.

If you're a bit sick of your older brother or friend coming round and telling you that rock music isn't what it used to be, buy them this CD, and when they remind you that Black Tide are not the real deal, remind them that these guys are teenagers!


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