Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - bendigo - Follow To The End

bendigo - Follow To The End

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8 out of 10

'bendigo' is the alias of Grimsby born David John Gimson. Recorded in Nottingham, where bendigo has created a good following, the album is drenched with beautiful soundscapes, courtesy of a great sounding guitar and a 365 year old cello. The lovely Lucinda Chua, who performs under the pseudonym 'Felix', plays the cello and provides a new level of beauty to the songs. Standout tracks include 'Run Aground', 'Cabron' and the more upbeat 'Rush In The Breeze'.

Follow To The End is a well-crafted collection of developed songs, which deserves some attention. Released on Gimson's label 'Vantage Room', the album will offer a new glimpse of an artist people won't believe they could have gone without for so long.


1. Run Aground
2. Stand To Lose
3. Rush In The Breeze
4. Call On My Love
5. Cabron
6. Over
7. The Panopticon
8. Leave The Light On
9. If You Say I'm Not What You Expected
10. People Never Change
11. Final Curtain

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