Monday, 6 July 2009

Review - This Is Colour - No Brainer

This Is Colour - No Brainer

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6 out of 10

With the British scene looking more alive than ever, one of the bands that seems to be hot at the moment is This Is Colour. Coming from the same label that launched the careers of Bring Me The Horizon and Gallows, Thirty Days of Nights; it is curious to see whether the band's high octane live sound transfers onto record. This is a hardcore record, but not as you know it. At times it full of everything from brain-shattering breakdowns to old thrash metal guitar fills; this is certainly music to mosh to. At any given time No Brainer switches from old school to new school at the flick of a switch. At the same time the tracks hit hard with down-tuned riffage and gang vocals galore. However the problem with this album is that it is fairly inconsistent and leaves you feeling a little lost in places.

An above average effort that is an acquired taste but nonetheless one that takes a few listens.

1. Superhero: Begins
2. Superhero: Returns
3. Seeds Of Discontent
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Life's gonna suck when you grown up
6. A Word To The Wise Guy
7. You're No Worse Off
8. From The Top
9. No Brainer (Yeah Dude!)
10. The Culmination

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