Monday, 20 July 2009

Review - Koko Von Napoo - June

Koko Von Napoo - June

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3 out of 10

Listening to this band had me thinking of the future. Not because Koko Von Napoo are ahead of their time, you understand. The opposite is true - the first three-quarters of this EP sounds like a Bow Wow Wow tribute act. Polly just about saves things, with its Gallic whimsy and potential for misheard-lyric humour (Sample: 'horse, you behave like a real horse'). No, my thoughts were that, with all this shameless raiding of previous decades going on, what's going to happen in 2029? Or 2019, even? Oh wait, pop will go on eating itself. Sorry, I forgot. Me and my foolish hopes for creativity and the new. I blame the Ting Tings. Curse their shrieking, spangly sound-sick.


1. June
2. Rocky
3. Baden Baden
4. Polly (Chateau Marmont Remix)

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