Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - The Stayaways - Controls / Liar Is Me (Single)

The Stayaways - Controls / Liar Is Me (Single)

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3 out of 10

Blur, Future Of The Left, Biffy Clyro, Nirvana, The Beatles. These are the bands mentioned in the Stayaways bio as influences and comparisons. We can ignore the mention of Nirvana and the Beatles, since they've been claimed as influences by every bunch of chancers with guitars since, well, Nirvana. Blur and Biffy are fairly apt comparisons, as the sound is fairly classic indie with occasional chunks of festival friendly big choruses. You could probably go a bit further back and mention the Jam, since there's definitely a distinct jangle to everything. However, the FOTL comparison is pretty ludicrous since, well I don't want to be too harsh but- FOTL actually rock. This, meanwhile, totally failed in getting me going in any way.


1. Controls
2. Liar Is Me

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