Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Review - YouNoGoDie - II

YouNoGoDie - II

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7 out of 10

This is good. I like this. I like YouNoGoDie. I like Fugazi as well...so by proxy I like YouNoGoDie.

First track "In Fools On The Dancefloors" - reminded me of hearing "Repeater" for the first time. I couldn't believe it was from the same bloke who screamed "Did you fucking get it?" at me in Minor Threat - this had..."Groove".

Rolling drum breaks and post-punk bass lines - YouNoGoDie bring a new dimension to the "post-fuckoffwiththisposteverythingnonsense-core" scene. YouNoGoDie kick out the jams and keep the listener interested - from the afro-beat guitar's and dub basslines to the drumming on which is tight as a cats gruff. The production is sparse which leaves the vocals out for inspection, which a few more late nights and a pack of Marlboro's will sort that out. The last track is an instrumental workout that shows the cogs ticking in the TNGO collective brain and I can't wait to see if these guys can pull it off live (there myspace page has cobwebs on it - sort it out! C'mon put some effort in, the new album is out!).

Be ahead of the game and get some YouNoGoDie in your life. Oh and while your out, bring me the heads of Vampire Weekend.

Listen: www.myspace.com/younogodie

1. In Fools On The Dancefloors
2. Far
3. The Wind Changed
4. Last Night A DJ Saved My Wife
5. Chalk Marks
6. Hate It
7. Three Flights
8. Right Way Is Wrong
9. Patients
10. T.V.
11. ------

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