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Review - Def Leppard - Adrenalize (Deluxe Edition)

Def Leppard - Adrenalize (Deluxe Edition)

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7 out of 10

"Do you wanna get rocked?"

Round 3 of the Def Leppard "Deluxe Edition" trilogy arrives and we are now revisiting the post-"Hysteria" come down of "Adrenalize". How do you follow Hysteria in the first place? An album recorded after the horrific accident involving drummer Rick Allen and the loss of his arm; producing seven hit singles and eventually selling 20 million copies. No easy feat.and then guitarist Steve Clark dies. With the record company breathing down their necks demanding "Hysteria 2", this can't have been the easiest album to record. But it was "Hysteria 2".and that's the problem.

"Lets Get Rocked" starts the album, proving they were still an American chart bothering megaforce. It is overly American but a brilliant first track. Then comes "Heaven Is" and "Make Love Like A Man", it's going well so far, Hit Hit Hit - this is Leppard! Then some filler.oh well. A power ballad called "White Lightning", probably taken seriously be the whole world, apart from the white-piss drinking Brits. Especially the line "You've got both ends burning, like a moth to a flame". Now we know what makes Joe Elliot tick - 3 litres of Frosty Jacks and a Vindaloo.

It's a good thing "Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)" came on, as I would have never made it to "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad". Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the song that could bring nations together under one glitter ball - slow dancing into the night. I dare you to listen to this and not be moved in some way. This is the definition of power ballad - it could knock a chastity belt off at 100 yards.

Mutt Lange should have bought the co-written "I Wanna Touch U" off the Leps and saved it for Shania Twain. The song could have been a hit all over the world, but it's stuck at the tale end of the album. He could have bought another country with the profits.

The second disc includes some live tracks from which without Mutt's polish, sound pretty ropey - Joe Elliot sounds like he's about to die at some points; the introduction to "Women" particularly. The inclusion of two covers; "You Can't Always Get." and "Little Wing" with Hothouse Flowers no less.which are fine but pointless. Some more live songs.and the jewel in the crown - "Two Steps Behind You". This should have been a huge hit for them as well, performed at open-mic nights around the world forever more. I first heard it on the Last Action Hero soundtrack whilst scout camp when I was 12.I must find that tape! *cough

"Adrenalize" is a good album; if a little too "Hysteria"-cal (it does work, trust me). It is also a shame it's backed with a polished turd of a second disc when compared to the "Pyromania - Deluxe Edition". Out of the three remasters, "Adrenalize" gets bronze.


Disc One
1. Let's Get Rocked
2. Heaven Is
3. Make Love Like A Man
4. Tonight
5. White Lightning
6. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
7. Personal Property
8. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
9. I Wanna Touch U
10. Tear It Down

Disc Two
1. Hysteria - In The Clubs In Your Face - Bonn 29/05/92
2. Photograph - In The Clubs In Your Face
3. Pour Some Sugar On Me - In The Clubs In Your Face
4. Let's Get Rocked - In The Clubs In Your Face
5. You Can't Always Get Want You Want - B-Side
6. Little Wing w/ Hothouse Flowers - B-Side
7. Tonight (Version 2 - Demo Version) - B-Side
8. Now I'm Here (Live) - B-Side
9. Two Steps Behind Me (Acoustic) - B-Side
10. Tonight (Acoustic) - B-Side
11. Too Late For Love (Live) - B-Side
12. Women (Live) - B-Side

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