Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - Jonny Cola & The A-Grades - Disappearing Act (Single)

Jonny Cola & The A-Grades - Disappearing Act (Single)

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6 out of 10

Let's start with the name. It's awful. Really. It's like something a primary school teacher would come up with for the band formed in the music class, or something from a fundamentalist Christian propaganda movie about the evils of rock and roll.

In reality, rock and roll is hardly what this lot are about. It's more along the lines of geeky glam indie pop, and I do mean geeky. Like lyrics about formulas and spreadsheets levels of geeky. But it bounces along with a nice summery pop vibe, like that Holloways 'Generator' tune, so we'll give them a pass. The calypso-style musical break at the end also keeps the spirits up, even if the chorus is a bit too saccharine.

As for the two remixes, Hunterheck lays a load of effects over the drums and bass line, and with various blips and beeps bouncing around, it all goes a bit Hot Chip. A decent section is given over to gradually layering effects and echoes onto everything, stretching it out and generally indulging, but overall it's still the same song. Conversely, the Soft Close-Ups mix just takes the keyboard and bass lines, along with a handful of vocal samples, reinventing the song as a sparse late-night dance number. It's actually a bit depressing, compared to the original, but I suppose it's still better than the Enemy.


1. Disappearing Act (Radio Mix)
2. Disappearing Act (Hunterheck Mix)
3. Disappearing Act (Soft Close-Ups Mix)

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