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Review - Black President - Black President

Black President - Black President

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6 out of 10

There's quite a European scuzzy rock and roll vibe to this record, mixed with American punk and just a hint of Southern rock. Musically it's not bad - there are some nice moments, but mostly it's pretty forgettable. Lyrically the bands sentiments are certainly admirable, if often expressed a little clumsily and perhaps with overuse of rock cliché.

The band cite 60s American soul as a major influence, but to be honest I can't really hear it - I'd sooner namecheck bands like Motorhead, Adam West and Sick of it All, with maybe a little bit of Clutch and Discharge in there too. The band features ex members of bands as diverse as Sepultura, Nausea, Amebix and Goldfinger (often the same member, the drummer) and some of these - particularly the tribal rhythms of Sepultura - can be heard in the music.

I don't mind this record; I just can't get excited by it either. Have a listen before you buy would be my recommendation.


1. Intro
2. Last Fucking Hope
3. So Negative
4. Not Enough
5. Short List of Outspoken Suspects
6. Neon
7. Who Do You Trust?
8. Watch Your Drink
9. Vacate the Vatican
10. Hallelujah
11. Not Amused
12. Ask Your Daddy

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