Thursday, 23 July 2009

Review - Lucky Elephant - Star Sign Trampoline

Lucky Elephant - Star Sign Trampoline

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8 out of 10

Given the current obsession with all things female let loose in the dressing room of a local primary school (Bat-ty Florence and her Little Boots etc.), the likes of Lucky Elephant may have to wait for some well-deserved exposure and success. In the meantime, enjoy this debut. Its summer release is ideal, since its childlike whimsy, plastic surrealism and tuneful uplift are made for sunny evenings. Let's hope we get some. . .

The band may be lumped together with the Bees, simply by virtue of also coming from the Isle of Wight (French vocalist Manu excepted), however the similarity between the two bands ends here. Manu's voice is entirely distinctive, with music to match, although you may hear echoes of the Flaming Lips, Radiohead (in their more sensitive moments) and the Super Furries. They are simply echoes, however. Lucky Elephant are as simply unique as you're likely to find.


1. Lucky Elephant
2. Edgar
3. Red Ties vs. The Bees
4. The Pier
5. Modern Life, Changing People
6. Reverend Tilsley & His Magic Lantern
7. Burn Down The Acres
8. The Beginning
9. When You Fall To Earth
10. Neptune
11. Timebomb

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