Thursday, 23 July 2009

Review - Century Man - Marauder (Single)

Century Man - Marauder (Single)

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7 out of 10

Century man's debut single Marauder is a stomping blast of indie rock with a very catchy chorus. It screams of influence by Kasabian, plus it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the lyrics over the guitars and when you can they don't make a huge amount of sense. But Nevermind that though, because it rocks and for the most part has a lot of 'singalongability'. Second track Comedown is straight out of the Book of Oasis and final track Mirrors is back to the Kasabian influence, but both have a lot more going on to make them individual.

A final thought about Century Man is that they seem to be using the vocals as a part of the melody rather than it sitting on top of the music. Instead they interweave with the rest of the music, which might account for why they are sometimes difficult to discern and why they might not follow a normal path of making sense.


1. Marauder
2. Comedown
3. Mirrors

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