Thursday, 23 July 2009

Review - Paul Steel - Moon Rock

Paul Steel - Moon Rock

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7 out of 10

Here is the second album from an obviously talented and inventive singer/songwriter, bursting with hooks and harmonies. So why isn't he better known? He's from Brighton. His voice has l'eau de Mika about it. Perhaps he's too gay. Perhaps he's not gay enough? Such a fine line. Are you Easy Glistening types never satisfied? This album oozes Beach Boys and Pulp. It's totally Super Furry. Even the artwork is a Katamari / Miffy mashup. Perhaps he doesn't know the right 'people'. Whatever the reason, Paul Steel shows that writing unashamed pop music doesn't have to be excruciating.


1. In A Coma
2. Moon Rock
3. Oh No! Oh Yeah!
4. I Will Make You Disappear
5. Rust & Dust
6. The Way You Are
7. Your Loss
8. Crossed The Line
9. Hole In Your Heart
10. Summer Song
11. Cry Away

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