Thursday, 23 July 2009

Review - The Cat Empire - Live On Earth

The Cat Empire - Live On Earth

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8 out of 10

So summer is here at last and a soundtrack always makes a summer. If there is one band that makes a superb summer soundtrack it is Australia's The Cat Empire. Probably one of the hardest working bands around to date and one of the best current musical exports from Down Under, the Melbourne troupe have a reputation for producing a spectacular live show. This is presented in a whopping 22- track double album - a treat for any fan to say the least.

Very rarely is such live energy captured on record so clearly. So many styles are blended into an impressive cocktail of sound. The cubanised latin beats of the Buena Vista Social Club are a clear influence but at the same time so many influences such as blues, funk and reggae are added to the alt rock blueprint. A good percentage of the Aussies catalouge is covered on Live On Earth. Its hard to pick any top tracks because they are all so damn good. Though the title track of second album Two Shoes and homecountry smashit singles Hello and The Car Song have that wow factor that makes you wanna dance around your bedroom or brighten up the dreariest of days.

If you are kicking yourself like me on missing The Cat Empire latest UK tour this captures the electric atmosphere of a gig. Despite never being a big fan of live albums this certainly swayed me as one of the best releases this year so far.


1. Fishies
2. The Car Song
3. So Many Nights
4. Lonely Moon
5. How To Explain?
6. Days Like These
7. Dumb Things
8. The Lost Song
9. The Rhythm
10. The Wine Song
11. All That Talking
12. The Chariot
13. Til The Ocean Takes Us All
14. Sly
15. Hello
16. Hotel California
17. Rhyme and Reason
18. Two Shoes
19. In My Pocket
20. No Longer There
21. The Darkness
22. Sunny Moon

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