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Review - Yawning Sons - Ceremony To The Sunset

Yawning Sons - Ceremony To The Sunset

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4 out of 10

Like all the best laid plans, what started as something simple (on paper at least) ended up becoming more complicated than first expected. However in the case of Yawning Sons that complication was something positive.

Kent based instrumental riffers Sons Of Alpha Centauri had employed the talents of desert rock/yawning man Gary Arce as producer. They flew him over and get him to record the album, but that album ended up being a collaboration that didn’t belong under either band’s banner. The result is Yawning Sons.

Anyone familiar with the aforementioned bands or the whole desert rock thing should instantly feel at home with "Ceremony To The Sunset" and its drawn out instrumentation, constant feel of something building and its jammed out manner. Songs build and build from laid back, tom led drumming into chiming guitar chords and droning bass. But they keep building, ratcheting it tighter each time, giving the constant feeling of something just out your reach, approaching each time but never quite getting there.

If you have been a desert rock follower then you already know the Desert Sessions Volumes. If you know those then you know that someone else will always be involved. This time Gary Arce has roped in his buddies to help out in the vocal department. Scott Reeder, Mario Lalli and Wendy Rae Fowler all add another little element to their chosen tracks but they can’t outshine the Yawning Sons vision on this one. Certainly a welcome entry into the desert rock club.


1. Ghostship / Deadwater
2. Tomahawk Watercress
3. Wetlands
4. Whales In Tar
5. Meadows
6. Garden Sessions III
7. Japanese Garden

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