Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - Metafonik - Missed Love

Metafonik - Missed Love

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6 out of 10

After a short swim over the channel Metafonik arrive with Julie's sensual gasps combining with the pounding electrock sensibilities of Kidedo & Klooz. Equal parts Poe, Jarboe and Radiohead.

Metafonik work much like a well oiled machine; Kidedo & Klootz stoke the fire that keeps Julie's voice thundering along from neuron to neuron via smouldering synapses. Their conjoined effort results in a hopelessly bittersweet dream of Frank Turner's Parisian girl.

So does this transcend, elevate, transform, develop or outdate sound? No, but if you like your music a bit more rocking than Portishead and with more originality than Nouvelle Vague then Metafonik could well be a welcome distraction.


1. Missed Love
2. Day Before you Come
3. The River
4. Last

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