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Review - The Stone Roses - Five Singles

The Stone Roses - Five Singles

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8 out of 10

In advance of their 1989 debut's uber-release, the Stone Roses whet the appetite of their considerable fan-base with a handful of singles in a nice collector's box. Which you've probably missed out on - it came with the first release, earlier in July. Sorry and all that. If you download them you get extra tracks not on the CDs or vinyl, though - Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3 - well, you get the idea. Forgotten masterpieces? Brand new tracks? Unreleased bobbins? Can't help you there, either, I'm afraid. It's not going well so far, is it?

Thankfully, the music remains timeless. Fools Gold in particular should send shivers down the neck of any self-respecting music-lover. Baggies of a certain vintage will be wetting their flares. The band embody the 'tight but loose' ethos like few others, so if you can't find the wedge necessary for the 'four deluxe formats' of the album (or even just the one), then these tracks are a decent compromise.


Elephant Stone (released 6th July)

1. Elephant Stone
2. The Hardest Thing In The World

Made of Stone (released 13th July)

1. Made of Stone
2. Going Down

She Bangs the Drums (released 20th July)

1. She Bangs The Drums
2. Standing Here

Fools Gold (released 27th July)

1. Fools Gold
2. What The World Is Waiting For

One Love (released 3rd August)

1. One Love
2. Something's Burning

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