Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - Crimea X - Phoros EP

Crimea X - Phoros EP

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8 out of 10

If you're enjoying electronic music this summer, £4 and a pack of Space Invaders says your either bouncing in a sweat pit to the dubstep sound of Rusko or Benga otherwise I'll go double or quits on an Uncle Sam's Allstar Burger that it's the minimal techno crafting of Richie Hawtin or Trentemoller that is tugging your weasel and if I'm still wrong then that door better not hit you on the arse on the way out because this won't be for you.

Crimea X have bolted together thoughtful post-rock movements with intrepid explorations of a bleep and beep bastion. Two tracks into this record we encounter possibly the most illogically named song (probably not ever, but it's pretty high on the list) December reeks of summer daze, of that golden haze that is acquired by all. Not one pair of thermal undies spring to mind when this tune is rattling out.

Similarly October does not bring to mind browning leaves a crisping but instead a bongo-driven journey accompanied by synths rushing and fading, battling an unseen current of bassy throb wob.

However it is on Florian Meindl's remix of 10PM that this EP really opens up. His masterfully minimal remittence sees a joyous soundscape constructed out of familiar yet fresh techno contiguity. Enzo Elia & Martin Pantino's version of which starts like an Adam F lounge drum and bass track that then collides with a far more regimented beat and tone combination complimented by floating flute lines.


1. 10PM
2. December
3. October
4. 10PM (Florian Meindl Remix)
5. 10PM (Enzo Elia & Martin Pantino Remix)

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