Thursday, 23 July 2009

Review - So Long, Pluto - Come Revisit El Paso!

So Long, Pluto - Come Revisit El Paso!

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3 out of 10

Here's something for those of you who think Ben Folds isn't nearly Folky enough, or that Weezer need their remaining testicle removing and replaced with a wind-up chicken playing the drums. Decidedly average in terms of imagination and execution, with vocalists who manage the twin heights of being both twee and dull. Heaven Knows is the only track to approach anything like swing (and I don't mean in the sense of either a big-band or cricket), Ode to Allies has pleasant piano / violin before kicking off into something quite unpleasantly chirpy and the rest needs dropping in a vat of tartan paint. If you want a band to open your school fete, though, I can't recommend So Long, Pluto highly enough.


1. Yes, I'm Back
2. Downtown Scene
3. Moving
4. Come Revisit El Paso!
5. Murphy's Song
6. Sleep Wakeup Sleep
7. Constantinople
8. Heaven Knows
9. Ode to Allies
10. Last Night's Dream

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