Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Single)

Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Single)

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2 out of 10

For those of you who don't know Metro Station they are four 19 year olds who look like Bring Me The Horizon fans and take the Top Friends on Myspace too seriously who make 'tween' friendly synthpop.

If you didn't get their previous single "Shake, Shake" stuck in your head for at least a week, then you Sir, are a stronger man than I. It's no wonder singer Trace can pen a limpet of a pop song, given his pedigree. He is the half son of Billy Ray Cyrus. (I'm not even typing the name of his big hit least it attach itself to my brain like an aggressive tumour.) This single is not too far removed from "Shake, Shake" Although apart from lyrics that appear to have been culled from a selection of different hits throughout the ages. ("You feel like heaven when we touch" "You are young and I was scared") it has one thing that really separates the two.

This song is blessedly instantly forgettable. It is for this and no other reason; I give this 2 out ten. Because I have listened to it twice and I couldn't hum a single note. Thank you Metro Station, now can someone please get that boy a damn shirt?


1. Seventeen Forever (Lenny B Extended Mix)
2. Seventeen Forever (Lenny B Instrumental)
3. Seventeen Forever (Original)
4. Seventeen Forever (Instrumental)

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