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Review - The Undertones - Hypnotised

The Undertones - Hypnotised

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8 out of 10

I'm not even going to try to write a review about The Undertones without mentioning Teenage Kicks. John Peel once proclaimed it the perfect pop song, and it's hard to disagree. However, it's not on this album, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

How's that? Well, with a song like Teenage Kicks the rest of the album can easily pale into insignificance, and that would be a real shame here, 'cos Hypnotised is a great album in its own right. Every song is a beautifully crafted pop gem, with both the 3 minute punk gems of the previous album (Hypnotised, My Perfect Cousin, Whizz Kids) and some gentler paced, more mature numbers, like the rather plaintive Wednesday Week or The Way Girls Talk. There's also a surprisingly enjoyable cover of Under The Boardwalk.

If Teenage Kicks is as far as your knowledge of The Undertones goes, then this re-release - with bonus B-Sides and Peel Sessions, as well as a video for My Perfect Cousin - is a better place than most to start finding out more.


1. More Songs About Chocolate and Girls
2. There Goes Norman
3. Hypnotised
4. See Thet Girl
5. Whizz Kids
6. Under the Boardwalk
7. The Way Girls Talk
8. Hard Luck
9. My Perfect Cousin
10. Boys Will be Boys
11. Tearproof
12. Wednesday Week
13. Nine Times Out of Ten
14. Girls That Don't Talk
15. What's With Terry
16. Hard Luck (Again)
17. I Don't Wanna See (You Again)
18. I Told You So
19. The Positive Touch
20. You're Welcome
21. When Saturday Comes

Enhanced CD: Video for My Perfect Cousin

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