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Review - Missill - Mixshake

Missill - Mixshake

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8 out of 10

This mammoth, globe-spanning mix from Parisian DJ/designer/graffiti artist Missill is proof that Ed Banger Records and Daft Punk aren't the be all and end all of French dance music. Not that this an exclusively French affair. For the follow-up to her a debut LP 'Targets', Missill has gathered tracks all over the world to create a bonkers mix of house, electro rock, bassline, crunk, drum & bass, kuduro, fight-ready hip-hop, clever/dumb lyrics screeches 'n' squelches. The whole thing moves at a rapid pace, there's only about minute of most individual tracks, so nothing outstays its welcome as on some other mixes.

In among the 40 songs here, the real revelations though are Australian (via Belize and Uganda) hip-hop duo Killa Queenz and Berlin pair CLP, who update Arabian Prince's filthy mind and Missy Elliott's revolutionary beats. Calling In Sick's ramped-up rave and Computer Club's cover of Ministry are also provide two of the most exhilarating moments (and there are a few on here).

And while 'Mixshake' is full of names from various global underground scenes, there are a few familiars as well, such as the late J. Dilla appearing on EdIT's elelctro-rock thump; Kelis' 'Bossy' being (even more) sexed-up by SebastiAn; 29 bubbling seconds of Mr Oizo and a furious Lil' John sample spread across Bobmo and A. Track. The Count & Sinden's should-have-been hit 'Hardcore Girls' gets a cyber-carnival remix, and The Count's (aka Herve's) dance supergoup makes two appearances, with 'Drop It To The Floor's' bizarre trancehall and a snarling double-remix of 'Beat Bang' by DJ Mujava and Herve.

Missill provides a few of her own tracks, including a pair with fellow French DJ Loris, that rival the brightly lit, vodka Red Bulls-in-the-air arena dance of Justice and Daft Punk, hinting that she could be a star with her own music and other's.

Listen: www.myspace.com/djmissill

1. Missill - Intro Mixshake
2. Bassnectar - Heads Up (California Style remix)
3. EdIT - The Game Is Not Over (featuring J. Dilla)
4. EdIT/Kraddy - Android Porn
5. Mochipet - Rambunktion (featuring 215TKF, Mike Boo & TaiwanKid) (Boreta remix)
6. Kelis - Bossy (SebastiAn remix)
7. Killa Queenz - Bitches
8. CLP - Dip Shorty
9. CLP - Ready Or Not
10. Shadow Dancer - Cowbois (Strip Steve remix)
11. DJ Gero - Graffiti Boy
12. Mr Oizo - Erreur Jean (featuring Error Smith)
13. Nadastrom - Tween Me + U (featuring Blaqstarr)
14. Machines Don't Care - Drop It To The Floor
15. DJ Manaia - Pull Up (Rave 2009)
16. Zombie Disco Squad - Eurovision (Mowgli remix)
17. Oh Snap - Sweater (Hostage remix)
18. Machines Don't Care - Beat Bang (DJ Mujava remix/Herve re-edit)
19. Mochipet - Banana Split (featuring E Da Boss & Bicasso) (Fliami Vice remix)
20. Detboi - Y'all Want Mo' (Sinden remix)
21. Bobmo - To The Bobmobile
22. A. Track - Frenchie Act A Fool
23. DJ X-Change - Party Like A Rock Star
24. DJ Funk - Who Run This MF
25. Raziek - She Proud
26. Kaptain Kadillac - Say Yeah
27. DJ Funk - Bang Da Floor
28. Missill & Loris - Not Ur Bitch
29. Missill & Loris - Moboroshi
30. Lady B - When It Comes To The Beat
31. T.R - We Won't Stop
32. Missill - We Don't Care (featuring BluRum13)
33. The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (featuring Rye Rye) (JC remix)
34. Designer Drugs - Back Up In This
35. KS - Down Widdit
36. Calling In Sick - Console
37. Huoratron - Hoedown
38. Missill - Chuppa
39. Computer Club - Just One Fix
40. Milez Benjiman - Chop That Wood

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