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Review - No Consequence - In The Shadow of Gods

No Consequence - In The Shadow of Gods

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8 out of 10

Many moons ago - I wandered to Alton in Hampshire; a quiet town with a community centre. This was where I first bumped into the world of No Consequence... 3 songs (one of which was the theme to the Fresh Prince). Since then I’ve kept an eye on the world of NC but in the main their recorded output has passed me by a little.

Until now (handily).

In the Shadow of Gods is (like the name suggests) a very confident and well crafted album. True, you can see a few of their influences, both from bands past and present - the luminaries of the British tech-metal scene. But unlike quite a few of the more modern bands, they’ve concentrated on one thing above all else. Songs.

Nothing on this album is there for the sake of it. You feel that everything has been planned down to the last cymbal hit - there’s a place for everything. With a lot of albums of this ilk - I find myself wondering why something was in there - find myself looking for something to latch onto. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an immediate album - but it has enough hooks to keep you listening.

The other thing that strikes me about this album is the quality of the drumming - a true strength of the album enhancing every tune with some nice clever fills - never over complicating a song but adding enough to make you think...wow.

The only slight downsides (for me) were in places the clean vocals seemed a bit stretched, but as they’re only in the odd track you don’t really notice. Also the beatdown count was a little high at times - but that’s just my general picky behaviour.

Give this a go. Seriously - I don’t think you’ll regret it.

They’re not quite standing at the shadow of gods, but they’re not standing at the bottom of Mount Olympus looking for a foothold either...

Listen: www.myspace.com/noconsquence

1. Ocular Gyro Crisis
2. The Arrival Of Predators
3. Forged
4. The Fallen
5. Age Of Fear
6. Synaesthesia
7. Ashes
8. Longitudes
9. Latitudes
10. Shallow Be Thy Name
11. Inevitable Silence

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Harry_nc said...

Hey man,
thanks for the review, good to see some opinions in glad you like it :-) Just letting you know we're in Alton where you first saw us on 29th Jan, maybe you could down see how it sounds in the flesh?
Cheers dude take it easy

Harry // NC