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Review - Broadway - Kingdoms

Broadway - Kingdoms

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3 out of 10

"It's boring me to tears," sings Broadway singer Misha Camacho on the penultimate track on 'Kingdoms', 'Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky'. He's obviously not singing about his own record, but it's a feeling that became easy to empathise with a few songs ago. The post-hardcore/emo troupe have got the music-channel songs and magazine cover-friendly looks but it's difficult to see how Broadway are going to stand out from the rest.

There's little to distinguish Broadway from Alexisonfire, Madine Lake or the whole Victory Records lot. All the boxes are ticked: nasal vocals; growly vocals; crunchy guitars; Warped Tour-here-we-come chanty bits; twiddly heavy metal bits (on 'Meg Ryan Would Play You In The Movie'); jokey song titles; and textbook High School/teen outsider feelings ('Prom Queen Has No Friends').

There are moments of variety, but they're brief and all gathered in the middle of the record. A short lived flurry of metalcore on 'We Are Paramount', the atmospheric electronica interlude, Metrostation-style faux-electro on 'You Bring The Thunder, I'll Bring The Lightning' and fitting Southern rawk swagger bookending 'Gotta Love That Southern Charm'. But vapid piano slowie 'AWOL' is far more representative of this colourless record.

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1. Intro
2. Redeeming A Monster
3. The Last Saturday
4. Meg Ryan Would Play You In The Movie
5. Don't Jump The Shark Before You Save The Whale
6. We Are Paramount
7. Interlude
8. Gotta Love That Southern Charm
9. You Bring The Thunder, I'll Bring The Lightning
10. AWOL
11. Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky
12. Prom Queen Has No Friends

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