Monday, 6 July 2009

Review - Nathaniel Sutton - Starlite

Nathaniel Sutton - Starlite

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2 out of 10

Despite the lovely artwork on the cover of this album, Canadian one-man band Nathaniel Sutton creates songs only his mother could really love. The scatter-gun approach to naming his musical likenesses from his PR says it all; Grandaddy? Sebadoh? White Lies? Foo Fighters? There's no mention of Eels or Jonathan Richman, which is odd, as they were the two names which came leaping from the speakers as soon as the title track dribbled its way effetely into the air. Unfortunately, Sutton has neither the mordant wit of the former, nor the gibbering charm and energy of he latter. He does have a great treatment for insomnia, however. Can you hear me, mother?


1. Starlite
2. Fragile
3. High Holy Day
4. Serious Crime
5. 1933
6. Subliminal Messages
7. Blow My Mind
8. Killer In The House
9. Scraps That Have Fallen Beneath
10. Creepy Crawlers
11. Night of Graduation
12. Worst of Days
13. Five Years Later.
14. Hypnotized Eyes
15. Photo Album

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