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Review - The Vines - Melodia

The Vines - Melodia

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9 out of 10

In 2006, I spent nearly 2 months in Australia with my uncle, who lives out there. It was pretty awesome, I spent most of the time in Melbourne but I was lucky enough to travel around quite a bit up to Alice Springs and across to Cairns, then all the way down the cost through Bribane & Sydney and everywhere in between. It is really a wonderful country and I would recommend it to everyone to go at least once. One thing that struck me while I was over there was that Australians love Australian music, and I don't mean folk music, I mean music made by Australians. And, there is a lot of good Aussie music that just doesn't get heard outside of their shores.

One of the bands that made it across the ocean onto foreign land and were successful is The Vines. Now, in my opinion, The Vines are unlucky. If "Highly Evolved" had come out in the early nineties, The Vines could have been up there with Nirvana & Pearl Jam et al. Their new album "Melodia" is further proof of that fact. The album is classic Vines throughout with all the raw, uncut aggression & attitude that made them so alluring when they first hit our ears. The whole record fusing the likes of Nirvana in "Get Out", Fellow Countrymen Silverchair in "Braindead" & The Beatles in "True as the Night". There is a really good mix of the intense garage rock/punk tracks that made The Vines so popular & the quieter, more laid back songs that are sure to make then a real hit with this album.

I think the key word that sums up this album is mature. If you sit this alongside "Highly Evolved" & "Winning Days", its clear to see The Vines have come of age and managed to fuse the winning elements of their previous 3 albums to make number 4 the masterpiece many people have been predicted they were on the cusp of making.

Jump on the bandwagon now before they become everyone's new favourite band.


1. Get Out
2. Manger
3. A.S III
4. He's A Rocker
5. Orange Amber
6. Jamola
7. True As The Night
8. Braindead
9. Kara Jayne
10. Merrygoround
11. Hey
12. A Girl I Knew
13. Scream
14. She Is Gone

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