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Review - Olympus Mons - Nothing's Gonna Spoil My Day Today

Olympus Mons - Nothing's Gonna Spoil My Day Today

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7 out of 10

I'm going to come clean; I didn't know what Olympus Mons was until I looked it up. I can see why it is such a good name for a band, naming yourselves after the largest volcano in the solar system. This band and their music are like a volcano, erupting all over the place.

London seems to have launched at least 2 new 3-piece bands, Olympus Mons being one and the other is the Golden Silvers.

3 tracks jumped out of the album for me, 'Journey Chapter VII', 'The Song Of Home' and 'Eye For An Eye' were the outstanding tunes.

The whole album doesn't let up at all; every track just goes straight for the jugular and won't stop sucking the life out of it. I felt quite exhausted after the first listen to the album. Every track is like a hi-octane action movie with lots of explosions and special effects. There a lot of sounds to listen to on each track, and all produced by only 3 people.

I bet this band are quite a sight to see when live. If they can carry off this album live, it will be a good show. The vocals seem to be on a continuous roll and don't seem to come up for breath. The singer must feel if he doesn't get all the lyrics out in each song, then his world will fall apart. A lot of the vocals seem to be hard to understand. The choruses are catchy, but this doesn't help the album. The whole album could do with slowing down a few notches, I don't like repeating myself but it was true that I did feel really exhausted after listening to the whole album.

I would like to see this band live; it might help me appreciate the album even more than I did.

For a band about to release a 16 track album, I checked out their future live dates and at the time of writing, there were only 2 for the near future, whereas the Golden Silvers who I have previously mentioned are on a massive UK tour and they are only about to release their 2nd single in Oct. I would suggest that if anyone is interested in seeing a great live London band with brilliant tunes, they should check them out instead of the Mons.

Until the Olympus Mons get some more live UK dates under their belt, so I can get to see them, I'll have to settle for this demanding album.


1. Martial Law
2. OK On My Own
3. Too Much Too Soon
4. Late Again
5. Journey Chapter VII
6. Interlude 1 : Shall We Jump The Broom
7. Let The First Time Be The Last
8. Follow You Down
9. Broken Boys And Girls Of This Enchantment
10. Give Action Purpose
11. Song Of Home
12. Interlude 2 : Savanna La Mar
13. Letter
14. Sell Me To The Wind
15. Eye For An Eye
16. As Long As Our Feet Work

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