Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - Various - Corleone Records DVD "Everything I Own Is Broken Or Bent"

Various - Corleone Records DVD "Everything I Own Is Broken Or Bent"

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8 out of 10

You will either be into Corleone Records or you will have never heard of them. The Providence, RI based label has been releasing left-field noise for many years, 10 in fact. And that’s what this DVD is all about. Celebrating those 10 years and all the bands (and I use that word in a very loose sense here) that have been part of the label.

As always in mentioning Providence you can’t fail to mention Lightning Bolt, the most well known musical export from the area. LB’s Brian Chippendale pops up on here on a couple of occasions. His solo Black Pus project gets a live clip thrown in alongside Mindflayer, which is Lightning Bolt with synths instead of bass really. Brian Gibson isn’t left out either. Getting to play drums in a live clip from Landed. And it's a good example of the manifesto set out by Corleone. To show each artists commitment to honesty, however that takes shape. Which means you get some awesome warts and all live footage alongside some very arty for arts sake clips as well, or "the special needs, mom dressed kids" as a friend of mine will call them. Highlights for myself where Snake Apartments gross out video to accompany there very-Melvins esque noise rock, The Body’s claustrophobic cellar rock out, Lorna Doom’s suburban hip-hop, Bonedust’s ritual like creepiness and Fang Island’s video featuring them playing to a class of little children all dancing like crazy. Make the DVD well worth a look. Get Killed, WORK/DEATH, Lazy Magnet and Night Wounds are all cool as well.

There are many other things to enjoy as well. The bonus features have a short film by Bluetip’s Jason Farell, live sets from Mahi Mahi and The Body, poster gallery, music videos and two commentary tracks featuring many of the DVD’s musical culprits.

There you have it really. It's mostly going to be bought and watched by fans of the label itself but I reckon if you need a change of pace and maybe some kind of new musical direction to look in then have a little rummage through the Corleone suitcase of noise. You might just find something good.



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