Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - Efflux - Mantlepiece Fiasco

Efflux - Mantlepiece Fiasco

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5 out of 10

efflux (noun) - the act or process of flowing out. Something that flows out of something else. The passing away of something, e.g time.

I can identify with the third definition. Not that this album's bad - on the contrary, for a self-produced work it is excellent; powerful vocals, imaginative and tight playing, they're all here and more. It's just a bit . well . let me put it this way - it's unashamedly Jazz-Fusion at heart and, for all its Boss nova gumbo of rhythms and riffs, falls sax-over-squeals into the Jazz Trap. You know the one I mean - where the performers are enjoying the music far more than the audience, and certain members of the audience hide this by closing their eyes and nodding their heads in a sage, I-read-about-this-in-the-Wire kind of way. Nice.

We have (inevitably) essence of Weather Report, Zappa - even a momentary lapse into Pink Floyd a couple of times. There is also, unfortunately, a slight stench of the Bonzos but without the jokes. The quick-fire time-changes prevent things from being totally relaxing, although each track has at least thirty seconds of journeying relief before the bongos break out or the Samba is experimented on once more. Capitulate is the catchy stand-out, although all tracks have something to offer - you could say 'too much'. Just because you can do it, it doesn't mean you should.


1. False Start
2. Bound to Me
3. Capitulate
4. Dressed in Electric
5. Trapped in the Astrolab
6. Do It With A Smile
7. Shaking the Superflux
8. Bomboon

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