Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - Reemer - Snakes And Ladders

Reemer - Snakes And Ladders

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5 out of 10

"Stick the album in your CD player and you can expect an explosion of infectious energy, soaring melodies and passionate lyrics" according to the band's press release. So yesterday, I did indeed stick it in my CD player expecting an explosion of infectious energy, soaring melodies and passionate lyrics. I am still waiting.

It is not that this album is bad. Not at all. It's just not quite what I was expecting after such a great debut single - Rock Star, just a few weeks ago. I'll be honest; there are one or two places where I just got a bit bored. There are some solid moments though and musically speaking I kind of like it, I just can't listen to the full album without getting slightly annoyed with the rather droning sound of a vocal that sounds entirely generic in comparison to other floppy haired indie bands.


1. Maniac
2. Summer Sun
3. Invisible Man
4. Too Bad
5. Thieves
6. Words
7. Rockstar
8. Same Old Games
9. Miles
10. Find My Place

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Someone said...

I think this album is going to be amazing. The demo's alone are fantastic, and the finished versions are set to be even better.

Also,an error in your review;
"Rockstar" wasn't their debut single. "Maniac" was.

Thank you