Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - The Lazarus Plot - Do You Want To Be Someone? (Single)

The Lazarus Plot - Do You Want To Be Someone? (Single)

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7 out of 10

I'm sure I've seen The Lazarus Plot before, and after listening to this single, I'm now wracking my brains trying to work out why it is I can't remember where or when it was that I saw them. "Do You Want To Be Someone?" is a wonderful track. It's tender without being soppy and sincerely hopeful without sounding like James Morrison.

The Lazarus Plot left the idea of simplicity at the door when recording this track; the layers that come together in this recording are fantastic, and are particularly enhanced by the strings and piano towards the end. The vocals suit the music that these guys are making, but are a little weak and this really is the only thing I can recognise as a downfall.

Certainly not a bad effort, and I should definitely hope that I'd remember the next time I see these guys in a live setting.


1. Do You Want To Be Someone?
2. Do You Want To Be Someone? (Radio Edit)

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