Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Review - Hot Head Show - Chopstickabean

Hot Head Show - Chopstickabean

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8 out of 10

Hot Head Show are Stan Dudley, the unfeasibly named Jordan Bennet and drummer Beatamax (Now, that's definitely not his real name) could become one of the UK's favourite underground, touring bands, on the evidence of this EP. Led by the title track's relentless bass thrum and Bennet spouting nonsense in a gruff pseudo-croon, the combination of tropical punk beats, break downs you'd expect to hear at the Jazz Café, and a wiry guitar line that flits into hardcore stab, their even weirder than their friends and fellow "Mungrul" scenesters Orion Arm.

The weird turns pro on 'Whiskey Pocket's' staccato, jarring punk-funk (Jarring because it sometimes sounds like AC/DC's take on punk-funk). 'Circumspangle #2' is little more than a loose, lyricless demo, but the enticement of the opener is revived on hidden track 'The Lemon'. It ripples and funks around like a skanked up Minutemen, making your feet wobble in every direction at once, but HHS have the potential to gain cult following all of their own.


1. Chopstickabean
2. Whiskey Pocket
3. Circumspangle #2
4. The Lemon

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