Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - Forcefeed - Forcefeed

Forcefeed - Forcefeed

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9 out of 10

Following in the latest trend of self-titled releases (Three of the reviews I have written today alone are named after the bands), Dutch five piece metal act Forcefeed are a force to be reckoned with (James' Note: I'm unsure as to whether Gray intended that terrible pun, so on behalf of Gray DSD apologies for the groans I am sure you emitted. I shall slap him on the wrist for you). This album is a no frills, balls out, slab of metal brutality that leaves the listener thoroughly satisfied having spent the best part of an hour raging around the room in full air guitar mode.

In fact, everything about this band is great - the image, the songs, the sounds - that is everything apart from the band's cliché metal name. which is a shame in my mind, because it's all that stops me from becoming their biggest fan.


1. Grinder
2. Break Away
3. No answers
4. Of The Masses
5. You Alone
6. Moderation
7. The End Of All
8. Buried And Gone
9. Egotrip
10. Aftermath

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