Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - One Match For My Existence - One Match For My Existence

One Match For My Existence - One Match For My Existence

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7 out of 10

Hailing from Austria, not a country known for its musical output, well, not for hundreds of years anyway, OMFME insist they stand 100% behind what they do. Taking some choice influence from some very current and popular bands such as Finch, Thrice, Yellowcard, Story of the Year, and Fall Out Boy, OMFME have successfully carved their own brand of poppy punk rock that keeps you listening wondering what the guitars and drums will serve up before hitting you with some of the most heartfelt lyrics and vocals I've heard in a while, despite suffering from the odd lexical cliché now and again.

On top of this, if you like your screamed vocals there are just enough to keep you happy.

This EP is radio friendly, heavy on guitars and catchy vocals and sounds fresh - looking forward to seeing if they can carry it out live too.


1. A Plague Inside
2. My Inner Tragedy
3. Spinning Too Fast
4. A Static Blemish
5. A Plague Inside (Acoustic)

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