Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Review - Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation

Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation

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9 out of 10

Lost in the Sound of Separation marks a bit of a return to form for Underoath, whose last three albums count combined sales in excess of one million copies. Kicking off with the ferocious "Breathing in a New Mentality" the record continues on a relentless journey of metalcore glory. Fans of the band will certainly fall in love with the uplifting "Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear" which shows a lighter side of the band in the form of a ballad, a much slower pace for the Underoath crew.

Beyond exceptional, it's a breathtaking brain-rattling affirmation that the six men of Tampa, Florida, have taken a huge creative step forward and I like it a lot. Stand out tracks include "A Fault Line, A Fault of Mine" and "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures".

Nice one.


1. Breathing in a New Mentality
2. Anyone Can Dig a Hole But It Takes a Real Man to Call It Home
3. A Fault Line, A Fault of Mine
4. Emergency Broadcast: The End Is Near
5. The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed
6. We Are the Involuntary
7. The Created Void
8. Coming Down Is Calming Down
9. Desperate Times Desperate Measures
10. Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear
11. Desolate Earth: The End Is Near

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