Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - Madlib - WLIB AM : King Of The Wigflip

Madlib - WLIB AM : King Of The Wigflip

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4 out of 10

I knew of Madlib through his work with Tha Alkaholiks and Xzibit, but I hadn't heard of any of his solo work as The Beat Konducta. This isn't actually a solo album, more like a compilation of his own tracks and others using his producing skills with other rappers.

When the first track hit me, I was looking forward to carrying on with the album, then the second track caught me completely off guard and I started feeling quite disappointed as I listened on as the whole album went downhill.

The only tracks on this compilation which are really listening to are the small interludes between the majority of the songs. These interludes use a mixture of fantastic beats and samples put together to make great mini tunes.

It's such a shame that the main songs of this album feel like they have been put together in a recording at the back of his house with second rate rappers. The only track which I really enjoyed was 'I Want It Back' by the Professionals in which Madlib leaves the mixing desk and joining his younger brother Oh No on vocals.

This album is part of The Beat Generation series, which I have come across before with the fantastic Jazzy Jeff release, that album showed how to put together a clever compilation with great artists and songs, unlike this release in the series.

When I review albums, I usually listen to the albums I am given to listen to at least a couple of times, but I must admit that I didn't want to listen to this album again.

Better luck next time Madlib with getting a better bunch of artists to help you release a better album.


1. New Resident - Beat Konducta
2. Blow The Horns On ’Em - Guilty Simpson
3. Plan - Muldrow, Georgia Anne
4. Tension - Beat Konducta
5. Gamble On Ya Boy - Defari
6. Ox (805) - Med & Poke
7. All Virtue - Beat Konducta
8. Blinfold Test #10 (He Don’t Play) - J Rocc
9. Thang-Thang - Prince Po
10. Heat - Madlib
11. Smoke Break - Beat Konducta
12. Plan (1) - Beat Konducta
13. Life - Karriem Riggins
14. Parklight - Beat Konducta
15. Yo Yo Affair - Frezna
16. I Want It Back - Professionals (5)
17. Disco Dance - Beat Konducta
18. What It Do - Liberation (2)
19. Take That Money - Roc C & Oh No
20. Drinks Up - Frank ’n’ Dank
21. Way That I Live - Epps, Stacy
22. Ratrace - Murs
23. Go - Guilty Simpson
24. Stop - Beat Konducta

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