Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - Flo Rida - In The Ayer (Single)

Flo Rida - In The Ayer (Single)

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5 out of 10

You cannot beat a decent play on words. It's priceless, it really is. For example, a friend of mine recently went to Dublin for a weekend of binge drinking. He showed me some photos and apparently, there is a chain of kebab shops throughout Dublin called "Abrakebabra" simply brilliant. But, Abrakebabra was nearly removed from its title of "best play on words related thing" by Flo Rida.

Flo Rida? Get it? Flow rider? And he's from Florida (as if you didn't see that coming). Genius.

But, does Flo Rida's music live up to his fantastically clever name? "In The Ayer" is Flo Rida's 3rd single from his "Mail on Sunday" album, which has been met with medium success across the water. His first single "Low" was a massive hit at the start of the year but his 2nd single "Elevator" was not as big a hit. Judging by "In The Ayer", Flo Rida may be dropping into the one hit wonder basket at your local HMV soon. The song is laden with big synths sounds and a big kick drum sound but its all too.boring. There is nothing particular interesting or catchy about this track but as a club hit it is top notch. The repetitive chorus and big sound will make it a floor filler for sure but through smaller speakers at home, it lacks the impact.

Decent tune but nowhere near as good as "Low" despite the big name guest spot from Will.I.Am.


1. In The Ayer
2. Instrumental

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