Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - Deez Nuts - Rep Your Hood EP

Deez Nuts - Rep Your Hood EP

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8 out of 10

Hardcore by and large is populated by over zealous scenesters who take everything way too seriously all of the time, the sort of kids who would cry into their decaffeinated coke if one of their favourite band members broke their edge or something equally as trivial and non important. Deez Nuts aren't going to change anything that is for certain. They don't preach about social or political issues and definitely do not have a hidden agenda like so many other hardcore bands. Their premise is this, get in the pit and party or get out and go home.

Rep Your Hood is a raucous invitation to shed your inhibitions and shake your fists. Five tracks (six including the "acoustic" intro) of stomping, driving riffs and lyrics that are clearly inspired by some of hip-hops masters "Just remember you can't make a hoe a housewife" being just one of the nods to the all time greats. This band is one that will surely either piss off the purist hardcore kids or make them realise what silly little buggers they've been and have them singing along like they've been their from the start.


1. .In Your Mouth
2. There's A Party Over Here Aint Shit Over There
3. Rep Your Hood
4. Fair Weather Fans
5. Sex Sells
6. BF & FF

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