Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - Shy Of The Depth - Shy Of The Depth

Shy Of The Depth - Shy Of The Depth

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8 out of 10

Since the early days of Johnny Truant, Brighton has become a haven for the more technical side of the UK metal scene. The aforementioned surely inspired Architects, who most definitely inspired Shy Of The Depth to pick up their instruments. However, that lovely little seaside town isn't the only influence that shines through on this four track EP. There are clearly nods to the Swedish gods Meshuggah and more than a few ideas that wouldn't sound out of place on a Necrophagist record. Polyrythyms fly everywhere whilst the bass slaps and pops in all the right places, underpinning the groove that nails the seizure like guitar lines solidly to the rest of the tracks. The musicianship on show from all five members is undeniably awesome and shows why Justin Hill and Dan Weller (ex-Sikth) personally invited them to the WellerHill Production complex to record this EP. All round awesomeness.


1. Frozen Still Flows
2. Worth Is Wealth
3. Unborn Menace
4. Bastard Approach
5. Unborn Menace (Promo Video)

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