Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - Night Wounds - Allergic To Heat

Night Wounds - Allergic To Heat

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8 out of 10

Deranged stuff indeed. This band may feature 3 members, or it might be 4. They play very, VERY angular, skronky noise rock that throws in enough left-field elements to avoid lazy post-rock/noise rock pigeon-holing. Songs are short (with the exception of closer X.O.T.) influences are even more random. I detect Naked City, Fugazi, The Residents, Melvins and a whole heap of unidentifiable shapes as well. Night Wounds certainly have me thinking.

Thinking that this is either the best thing I have heard in ages or a chaotic mess. I have come to the conclusion that it's a good thing, the chaotic mess that is. And any band that cover Death In June so greatly are always going to win points in my book.

Seriously deranged, good stuff.


1. Allergic To Heat
2. Less Dead
3. Nineteen
4. Ex-Best Friend
5. Caving In
6. Hex Appeal
7. Damage
8. X.O.T.

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