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Review - H2O - Nothing To Prove

H2O - Nothing To Prove

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7 out of 10

After seven years of waiting, H2O are finally back, and they've made a hip-hop album. Not really, but when you consider all the songs repping where they came from, the numerous guest-spots (including a strangely uncredited Matt Skiba), and the various interludes and skits, you have to wonder if they recorded this album with pimp goblets in hand (full of OJ of course. Straight edge 'til I die and all that). We can forgive them the guests - they've been around the block, they've made a ton of friends, and this is an event, so of course people want to help out, and it's not like they grandly proclaim each song to be "Featuring..." so it just sits nicely with the hardcore gang mentality. Unfortunately the skits and interludes are a different matter, as they turn up between pretty much every track, in addition to a full five minutes of random sound-bites tacked on to the end, which really starts to get on your tits after a while. The album would last a mere twenty-five minutes if it was just the songs - can we just have a few extra tracks next time, please?

Because when all things are considered, the tracks are actually quite good. The production (courtesy of New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert, still doing all he can to prove his hardcore credibility) is crisp and powerful throughout, lending a great deal of bounce to all of the tunes. In particular, 'Nothing To Prove' and 'What Happened?' offer up huge sing-along choruses and some frenetic guitar work. Unfortunately the lyrics on a few tunes let the side down somewhat. 'Still Here' for example, the obligatory "I'm straight edge. You suck" tune, is really not very good.

Let's hope it's just a bit of rust after so long away. Or if not, fingers crossed for an instrumental album next time.


1. 1995
2. Nothing To Prove
3. Sunday
4. A Thin Line
5. Unconditional
6. Still Here
7. Fairweather Friend
8. Heart On My Sleeve
9. Mitts
10. What Happened?

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