Sunday, 21 September 2008

Review - I Concur - Oblique (Single)

I Concur - Oblique (Single)

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9 out of 10

Yet another great product that's been through Forward Russia's Tom Woodhead production mill. You know I was gutted to hear about Forward Russia's 'hiatus', but the more I hear of his production the more I'm getting over it. There's something very awesome about I Concur's 'Oblique', actually I suppose I must mention that 'Oblique' is in fact not an I Concur song, rather a 3 year old song by front man Tim Hann. Anyway.

Yet another band with a 'big' sound being lazily compared to Explosions in the Sky et al. There however is a lot more to these guys than a generous dousing of reverb and a generous helping of delay - though admittedly it does tick those boxes too. Oblique is wonderfully cyclical, in a satisfying way, it repeats and wraps around reminding me of the finer moments of Interpol. It culminates excitingly as though reaching a climax reminding me of My Bloody Valentine also. There's an 80's sound to them too, especially vocally; layered, building, powerful and ultimately anthemic.

The b-side "Captors" is pretty good too.

Oblique is a delicious single, and a band clearly to be reckoned with alongside the exciting 'post rock' scene in the North West.


1. Oblique
2. Captors

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