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Review - Jack Flash - The Union Jack Album

Jack Flash - The Union Jack Album

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8 out of 10

When I was asked to review a rapper from Huddersfield, I didn't hold up much hope of finding someone who could take up the reigns of British hip hop royalty such as Roots Manuva or the recently retired (but one of the best ever) Blade.

Well, I was wrong. Jack Flash opens his 'Union Jack Album' with a fantastic track of 'Pledge your Allegiance' telling people to be proud of being British, whatever colour or race you are. If you live here, be proud of where you live and in the Union Jack.

'Living Legend' took me back to the mid / late 80's where it was good to boast about who you were and why you were so good at your game. Jack can be proud of this song and it proves that he should be up there making it big in his profession.

On 2 of the tracks on the album, vocals are provided by the soulful Thabo. This is someone who should be on more tunes. I would recommend that he and Jack got together more in the future, they blend well together.

Jack's diversity in music shows on this album, on 'Refuge' he uses a Spanish guitar sound mixing it with beats and lyrics. The whole track is helped along with vocals by the aforementioned Thabo. This is one of the highlight tracks on the album.

I recently played this album to one of my friends on the way to a gig; he fell in love with this modern piece of musical art like I have. In this day and age when it is so easy to 'burn' a copy of an album for a mate, he has decided he wanted to buy an original copy when it is released on October 27th 2008. I'm glad that he made this decision, as this album needs to be bought to provide Jack Flash with some cash to put forward to laying more tracks down, because I for one will be buying them.

I love hip-hop, and if it is done correctly it can be an invaluable part of musical history, Jack should be very proud of this release. He has managed to bag himself a place in British hip hop and I really hope that he has the chance to put himself forward even further than this album to show the country and beyond, how good he is at his game.


1. Pledge Your Alliance
2. Living Legend
3. Refuge ft.Thabo
4. Stay Put
5. Hip Hop
6. Like It Was Yesterday
7. Vibe With Me
8. Intoxicating ft. Thabo
9. The Program ft. Micall Parkunsun
10. What I Invent ft. J Simple and Wize
11. Four Minute Warning
12. Sleepy Little Town ft. Jehst Asaviour and Apa-tight
13. Ground Wurq Anthem ft J Simple and Apa-tight
14. Everything
15. Come On Down

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