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Review - Nanas Revenge - Man Down

Nanas Revenge - Man Down

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8 out of 10

A few years ago, you could barely move without hearing of another UK skate punk band bounding around the country. A lot of bands peddling their wares, playing everywhere - but at times it seemed to all meld into one. Slowly but surely, these bands ebbed away (Though admittedly I’d moved on to listening to music that made my face melt) and now the scene doesn’t seem the same any more.

But enough of the semi-tearful reminiscing - time to get to the matter at hand and dive back into 2008.

Hailing from Barrow In Furness but now Leeds based, Nanas Revenge is out to bring the fun back again. Having spent their time honing their live trade with oodles of local shows (And the odd tour) - they’ve finally made their way onto top independent label Lockjaw.

Their first release for Lockjaw is the 7 track mini album - "Man Down". Though it’s less an album - more a statement of intent. Right from the word go the pace quickens and the melodies shine through. Many bands struggle with the balance of tracks like this, going all out for pace and sacrificing the songs, but these boys don’t seem to have that problem. Good quality songs, with a few sing-along choruses bunged in there (Just to add to the addictiveness)

It’s not all one-dimensional either; flashes of ska and some nice (Slower/mellow) intro pieces keep the interest going. Though I did think track 5 (Home and Away) was going to stay a bit too twee and ballady - thank Christ it didn’t!

Overall, a nicely written album that shows a lot of promise. I look forwards to seeing where the band goes from here.


1. A Foot In the Door
2. We Can Change It
3. Major Tom
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Home & Away
6. I Never Knew
7. Another Way

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