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Review - Various - Stench Of Muscle

Various - Stench Of Muscle

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6 out of 10

With the stratospheric rise of MySpace and messageboards, the DIY scene has blossomed. Some would call this a curse, but I definitely see it as a blessing. Stench Of Muscle is a compilation CD that is the result of a years worth of DIY shows in the Leeds area.

The majority of the bands that appear on the CD are based in the sunny climes of Leeds (Ha ha!), with the occasional straggler from fields afar like Rome, Glasgow and London. There is a real mix of artists on this compilation ranging from the chilled out, to utterly apocalyptic and it showcases just how large the range of musicians is that are doing things for themselves. However, this also means that a lot of the music that passes through these circles is utter garbage. The latter half of this CD proves this. However stand out tracks from the likes of That Fucking Tank, Serious Sam Barrett and Gay Against You definitely redeem the latter halves failings.

I can only recommend picking this up if you want to experience what our super underground, super elitist scenes are producing. As they saying goes, "you have to dig through a whole lot of shit to find the few rare diamonds".


1. Please - The Shame
2. Cowtown - Jumpin' Rabbit, Moving Eyes
3. That Fucking Tank - Owl End
4. Gay Against You - Let's Build A Chinatown PT.II
5. Cissy - Ghost Ride The Whip
6. The Points System - Britney
7. Honey Ride Me A Goat - Newts Pump A Concocted Ulcer
8. Hair & Make Up - Fingers
9. Park Attack - Shitheel (Live in Edinburgh)
10. Hiroshima Rocks Around - Closed Mouth
11. 7 Hertz - Wrong Dance, Take Two
12. Poltergroom - Toilet Door
13. Tattie Toes - Taiko Lullaby
14. Serious Sam Barrett - Heather
15. Chris Sharkey - Fucknac
16. Mucky Sailor - Never Too Much
17. House Mouse - Broken Tooths
18. Elizabeth - Biella Kalimba (Non-Gabba Edit)
19. Bilbao Syndrome - Depression Costume (Live in Leeds)
20. Chops - Chop Of The Pops
21. Pifco - Hope It Floats

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