Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Review - Lovvers - Think

Lovvers - Think

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8 out of 10

You know the White Stripes? You know how there's something in there but it's pretty much buried beneath a big pile of poop? You remember how the Hives almost had it, but they were just a little bit too pop friendly? Well friends, welcome to the wonderful world of Lovvers.

Ignore the rubbish name. Lovvers play a wonderful brand of filthy, scuzzy, distorted garage rock and roll like it's still the late 60s and the Stooges have got a time machine and gone forward and listened to Black Flag and REALLY LIKED IT. I bet they're ace live. They're ace on record.


1. Human Hair
2. No Romantics
3. The Kids (Laugh Out Loud)
4. Teenage Shutdown
5. No Fun
6. Wasted Youth
7. Talk Cheap

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