Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - A Textbook Tragedy - Intimidator

A Textbook Tragedy - Intimidator

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8 out of 10

Oh God, another "Technical" metal band. That was my absolutely first thought when I laid eyes on the front cover of A Textbook Tragedy's debut album "Intimidator". Another copycat, bag of shit metal band that want to be the next . But, being professional as always, I put the CD in my stereo with a clear head, devoid of all stereotypes & pigeonholes.

Unsurprisingly, A Textbook Tragedy are a technical metalcore/hardcore metal band very much in the vein of Into the Moat & Job for a Cowboy with a distinct Between the Buried & Me/Johnny Truant sound to them. Full on metal riffage with intense drums with plenty of double kick flicks and roaring vocals which would make most people sound like a victim of throat cancer after 2 minutes. Despite a brief lapse into some classic nu-metal style singing in "Intimidator" this album is pretty relentless & heavy. Despite the obvious metal sounding, there is a real hardcore element to some of the riffs & in some case even a bit of death metal (especially "Godspeed, Centipede").

Normally, at this point, I would say something like "they are very talented musicians but they are just doing generic metal" but in this case, I don't need to. A Textbook Tragedy are very talented but they are also quite innovative without being completely genre crushing. There is a clear influence of a lot of different genres but all genres that fit around the technical metal scene. Instead of just sticking to standard riffs & breakdowns, they branch into hardcore riffs & breakdowns & death metal. Although this isn't exactly wild, its different to what a lot of the boring bands in this scene are doing and thus, makes them stand out. Definitely worth a listen if you are into Architects, Bring me the Horizon & all those sort of bands.


1. If You Want Blood
2. Bottomfeeders
3. wwjocd
4. Dude, I'm On Alesse
5. Intimidator
6. The Gospel According To Textbook
7. Who Invented Zentner
8. Godspeed, Centipede
9. Stay Out Of Riverdale
10. Cathy Rattlesnake
11. Totally Immoral
12. Start The Reactor

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