Thursday, 25 September 2008

Review - I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind

I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind

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9 out of 10

I Am Ghost are one of the most understated bands I have every come across. They ooze class, quality and raw rock power and always have done. Why they still struggle to crack the mainstream is beyond me - hook laden material, memorable song after memorable song, a great image and a superbly engineered sound should have catapulted these guys sky high by now and the new album is no exception.

Stand out tunes such as 'Smile Of A Jesus Freak', 'Don't Wake Up' and 'Bone Garden' demonstrate everything that is great about these guys and it is time for the world to notice. Go out, buy this, play it loud. To everyone. Do it.


1. We Dance With Monsters
2. Don’t Wake Up
3. Those We Leave Behind
4. Buried Way Too Shallow
5. Bone Garden
6. Saddest Story Never Told
7. Smile of a Jesus Freak
8. So, I guess This Is Goodbye
9. Remember This Face, Baby
10. Burn The Bodies To The Ground
11. Rock N Roll High School Murder
12. Make Me Believe This Is Real
13. They Always Come Back
14. Set Me Free

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