Saturday, 4 July 2009

Review - The Blizzards - Buy It Sell It (Single)

The Blizzards - Buy It Sell It (Single)

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7 out of 10

It’s one of these again, those darn middle of the road indie tracks that I somehow always accidentally pick up to review, not that I have anything against indie music in general it’s just that there’s just so much of it!

The Blizzards aren’t without merits and what I’ve picked up from the single ’Buy It Sell It’ they certainly have a little extra something to help them stand out from the crowd, although it’s more like popping your head up briefly from the crowd just so people can catch a glimpse.

So the good, Niall Bresin’s vocal and the harmonies in general are very lovely and all put together superbly, The middle 8 is packed with strength that really does a great job of driving home the last chorus and the whole rhythm is genuinely interesting and a little different from the standard affair, the artwork is also superb.

But something is missing, breaking it all down it seems to work perfectly and perhaps that’s the problem, it’s all constructed right, a little too right, almost like it’s had its soul sucked out of it and I’m sure that’s not how it started. Thinking about it a little further leads me to the conclusion that it’s simply over produced.

So a pleasant track that I’m sure will gain fans and it’s likely that The Blizzards will add to the success that they’ve already achieved, I’d just like to hear more edge to the production instead of the over the top safe approach.

1. Buy It Sell It

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