Saturday, 4 July 2009

Review - Papa Roach - Naked and Fearless (Acoustic EP)

Papa Roach - Naked and Fearless (Acoustic EP)

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7 out of 10

So former Nu-Metallers Papa Roach are now really laying it on thick that they aren't Nu-Metal anymore, by releasing an Acoustic EP. And it's a very slick, well produced EP at that, which makes me think that Papa Roach really missed the point when it came to doing the songs acoustically. When most bands do acoustic versions, they take a song and make it into something new, whilst retaining the essence of the original what we have here is basically their songs with acoustic guitars.

That said the songs are very catchy, especially the single Lifeline, which permeates my current favourite made up word 'singalongability'. And one thing that Papa Roach don't seem to have dropped is their ability to write songs for their audience, Lifeline and Had Enough aiming straight at young angsty teens. One final comment is that there are only three songs on this EP, which is a bit short isn't it? I've seen singles with more tracks on them!


1. Lifeline
2. Had Enough
3. Carry Me

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